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EtcetEraThread Beloved iconic character from the original trilogy to return in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker [see staff post]
Reason User Warned: Thread derail and threadwhining over multiple posts
Weird for Lucasfilm themselves to ruin this cameo pre-release.I absolutely agree with this post. There's people who specifically DO NOT subscribe to Star Wars youtube or Twitter accounts to go in as blindly as possible. It's so super easy to be mindful at no detriment to the discourse within the thread. But no "IT IS OBJECTIVELY NOT A SPOILER AND YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT IS INVALID". Personally, i would have liked for this to be an actual in the movie, but at the same time, i'm happy for Warwick Davis.I think one of these is a heavily marketed plot point that Lucasfilm intends to be a big draw to get people to see the movie. And a piece of information that is basically un-avoidable even to those who don't follow StarWars or Lucasfilm on Social Media. Hell, i actually do follow them on Instagram, and i had no idea about Wicket - simply because i don't click on any trailers or featurettes or whatever prior to seeing the movie anymore. The other one is gonna end up a cute little easter egg / cameo that would have been a charming surprise. Again, i'm mostly confused as to why Lucasfilm themselves don't care about these kind of surprises anymore.