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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread FORBES: Who Leaked ‘Sword And Shield’ Secrets? Pokémon Lawyers Want To Catch ‘Em All
Reason User Warned: Ableist slur
I kinda get you, but lets be honest the complete pokedex (including all new pokes and the story) was leaked weeks before launch. One thing that is always fun with pokemon game is the WTF reaction when you find an unknown pokemon. But this time it was really hard for people to do so. Youtube recommends with Ftards putting said new pokemon in the thumbnail, twitter ect ect ect. Maybe its a weird comparison, but if we found out what the story of The last of us 2 is weeks before launch or even worse the ending. Sony would probably do the same. Its probably more of a scare tactic to make sure that this doesnt repeat with the next pokemon or nintendo game.