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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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EtcetEraThread Anita Sarkeesian Tweets about barely any female characters in first two eps of Mandalorian. Goes about as well as you'd expect.
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): sexist dogwhistles
Her criticism has Merritt, but Anita has a habit throughout her career to make it about her and not necessarily about the movement. And I know about the ungodly amount of harassment she gets, death threats. Which no one should go through or experience. But I would argue if she was more part of a panel of representatives for the movement. It would not be all directed to singular person who tweets about the issue to bring levity to it. IV seen her at panels, she comes off sometimes as a bully, and self-righteous. Gets to be on Colbert, gets tons of attention. Instead of the movement or group that she represents. And that's my issue with how she comes off when talking about certain topics. She makes it about her.