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GamingThread Star Citizen Presents: CitizenCon 2949 | Keynote 11/23 @ 3PM EST
Reason User Warned: Inflammatory generalizations
I love how pointing out that this game it totally predatory is apparently "shit posting" and worthy of warnings. Star Citizen is a pseudo cult/religion at this point, full of people and sharks who apparently think that throwing money at developers for over a decade will release some sort of final game that will end all games and give life purpose and meaning. There is nothing normal about how this game is financed, and the fact that this game can be in perpetual development and continually have private events where people pay real money to get access to pay even more money to buy digital ships, is like borderline Scientology E-metering-esque. This game represents everything gross and wrong with capitalism, gaming, and digital economies. Even if aspects of the tech are interesting, none of these practices are worth defending.