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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

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GamingThread Considering *that* cameo, do you think Death Stranding should be nominated for the Game Awards?
Reason User banned (3 weeks): repeated hostility against other members over a series of posts, recently banned for same antagonistic behaviour
What the fuck are you on about? Stop putting words in my mouth. I invoked the comparison to law because there is a specific set of rules that governs conflicts in law. Something that removes it from a field of "what is bad" to "hey, this is bad." I invoked it as a point of comparison because thats how I assess things. But we have already agreed that it is subjective, illogical and based on the person. So I have no fucking idea why you keep going on and on when we are in complete fucking agreement as to the issue. You take qualms with just one aspect of the TGAs. Fine. I take qualms with anyone that takes qualm with one aspect but not the others. But it's subjective, right? And we are in agreement right? So let's move the fuck on.