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GamingThread SIE Worldwide Studios |OT5| Part II
Reason User banned (1 week): inflammatory commentary, history of similar behavior
This is all very true. But those delusional individuals will continue echoing off each other that one day all those things you highlighted and more will finally be the popular focus of PlayStation. This their safe space. This place likes to think of itself as the hub of ‘enthusiast’ (aka) A sophisticated cover up for weeb-boomer gamers who complain every week about bad pacing, hand holding, and whatever else on their allergy list for the hardcore when it comes cinematic focus games and their unfortunate popularity that will kill video games any day now... PS5 is doomed for the whole generation if it doesn’t launch with (99) JRPGs, (30) 8Bit indies, (20) 16Bit indies and the PS5 start up intro isn’t Kat standing awkwardly by a window as she’s welcoming us back.