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EtcetEraThread EW: Julia Roberts was suggested to play Harriet Tubman by studio exec, says Harriet screenwriter
Reason User banned: ( 2 weeks) Arguing in bad faith and being dismissive to systematic racism.
I have a question for ya'll... How do you feel about stuff like this when its reversed? Minorities playing white characters in a historical setting? For example, the new Lady and the Tramp on Disney+ features Lady's owners as an interracial couple (Jim Dear is white and Darling Dear is black). The movie takes place in the early 1900s and presumably in New Orleans or at the very least the South. Isn't this a quite disingenuous to history and an how people were treated at the time and place? Wasn't interracial marriage illegal in the United States until at least the 1960s? I have no problem with fixing the racist siamese cats, but making racial changes for the sake of modern culture without regard for historical accuracy just seems wrong. It feels like they are viewing history through rose tinted glasses. It also goes beyond Lady's owners too; the pet store owner is played by Parvesh Cheena (Indian), the doctor is played by Ken Jeong (Korean), and the dog catcher is played by Ardrian Martinez (Hispanic). I'm no expert on the racial makeup of 1900s southern United States, but this seems highly implausible.