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EtcetEraThread It's Trans Awareness Week! (Nov 13th -19th)
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Transphobia
I wouldn't say cheating, but there is a reason, why male and female athletes are separated. Male bodies most of the time have a physical advantage over woman's bodies. What gender you identify with, doesn't change the nature of your physical body. This creates an philosophical problem, since woman, who were born with a male body, could keep there natural advantage, which would be unfair for woman, who were born with a woman's body. Do we sort people, how they were born or how they are identify with now? We group people in different section, since they have different limits. So "woman" and "male" disciplines are technical just limit-group names to begin with. Maybe those groups needs to be updated and have more sections, similar to weight classes in boxing.