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"Omg everyone hide your baby rape videos before the alt right finds you too!"

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GamingThread Game Pass Ultimate now has 364 live listings [241 Xbox, 158 PC] & 70+ Upcoming Titles Announced
Reason User Warned: Console warring
I'm gonna quote my older post that our pal above here found INCREDIBLY SUSPECT, lmao. Extras on PS Now: - Legacy PS Games (PS2 Remastered, PS3 and PS4) - Third Party Support is rock solid (hence the 700+ games) - Games rarely leave the library - I never had a performance issue (100 MB connection) - (hence performance issue is a moot point) - Is available on PC - Remote Play on Android - Doesn't require Plus to play - Cheaper than Game Pass Extras on Game Pass: - Also offers some Legacy games - Day 1 Games - Can buy games on Discount - PC Game Pass Also, I'm sure the guy who accused me just now is probably not thinking about Subjective value.Oh wise one, why do you think some people are just ignorant or stupid about their purchases?