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EtcetEraThread It's Trans Awareness Week! (Nov 13th -19th)
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Transphobia over a series of posts
Here's a little story and i'm not trying to ruffle any feathers but my mom is a boomer and i would say she's a hard R kind of gal. One day shes in an - out and about bathroom - in middle america, and in walks to the female bathroom, a person who is a man, but is dressed as a girl, and this lady is going through the whole rigamarole, and the event literally threw my mother for a loop, she's clutching her chains and going into overdrive, and just had a real heatfelt moment about the whole buisness. Me, being me would have enjoyed the rarity of the event, but her, my mom, she got into a tizzy and had to tell me all about it. She was going on an on about it . . . I'm at a loss as to what to say...What am i to say to this? Any ideas? And pardon me if this isn't the right avenue to ask this question.