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"Complaints and concerns about moderation should be sent to Mod Captains Hecht or Selina"

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GamingThread DF: Pokémon Sword/Shield - Switch's Next-Gen Pokémon Doesn't Quite Deliver
Reason User banned (1 day): Modwhining over a series of posts
Dunno what you're on about it's not a conspiracy there are clear examples of this bias existing. It's clear as day that Gamefreak and Pokemon gets treated by different standards compared to Bethesda, Bioware and similar. Worse things have been said about those companies and have passed as normal, while people got warned and banned for way less egregious things that is fact and that is that. It is what it is. I don't care but people should know the bias that exist and work around it. And that's all I have to say about this. In the end it's just games so it's not even worth raising a stink about compared to how moderation fucked up with how they were judging ableism.This who is truly worse game is boring. It wasn't me that brought pub G into the discussion anyway I was just pointing out a difference. In the end I still find it funny why people are just pointing to the few really bad examples that Gamefreak surpasses instead of pointing towards all the amazing examples that gamefreak falls short off. People don't even have the courage to look at a game that sold 2-3 times less and compare(Dq11) instead the bar has to be as low as fire emblem(speaking from a production value level not the actual quality of the games themselves).