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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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EtcetEraThread South Park mocks trans athlete with a transphobic episode
Reason User Warned: Cisplaining
I might be wrong here but I did not see this episode as transphobe. Hear me out, I believe that it sheds a critic light on something on people exploiting gray areas. The current understanding and laws apply to the old binary form of sexual identification and shoehorns them into this ancient paradigm that we have. We have the boys, excluding the girls at something cause they feel they are being intruded and outclassed. I feel it conveys two sides of a coin. How inclusion can be beneficial and the struggles we have today to come to it, but the discussions we need to have that are unconformable. Granted, I don't believe that the trans athlete messaged was conveyed in the best way, still I the message I got is not against trans athletes but the way we try to shoehorn progress into today's paradigm which can result in an imbalance. Eventually I think these things need to be discussed to reach a true level of fairness and acceptance of everyone. I believe it's a mistake not to celebrate the wonderful diversity trans people bring to human society, and try to mold them into a binary paradigm when in reality I don't think much of the world fits to it. We as a society as we accept and include more, need to treat the shades of gray people have.