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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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GamingThread DEATH STRANDING - Spoiler Thread
Reason User warned: Hostility
Oh fuck off. I love sci-fi precisely because it’s fun to imagine the what-ifs and think through the implications tiny changes can have. Like for video games, Mass Effect’s entire universe of wild and interesting things stems from the simple premise of being able to manipulate the mass of things (or wrap them in a mass shroud that temporarily negates their mass, don’t recall the specifics). That tiny bit of technology has far reaching implications that with all sorts of fun things to consider. And elaborate, beautifully intricate worlds with fun technology and social allegories can exist in perfect, internally-consistent harmony with things like Dune or the Ian Banks’s Culture series. If you’re too dull to engage with the story on any level other than letting it wash over your eyes and ears without processing what it’s saying, then that’s on you. My take away from your blather is you like DS, and felt the need to make a personal attack in some shitty nerd rage spas out because someone bothered to think about it and criticize its failings...rather than, you know, engage with the ideas of either the work itself or the criticism. In summary, eat my whole ass and try engaging with the content next time, instead of knee jerk insulting the messenger.