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GamingThread Pokemon Sword and Shield discussion thread (spoiler-free) [see staff post]
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Hostility over a series of posts in a thread. Accumulated infractions.
The complete lack of understanding of what happened is shocking. How do you actually go and ACTUALLY believe that my issue was that people had a positive opinion? Pls show me the quote. God this is actually beyond stupid. TLDR people are weirdos for getting upset that their favorite thing is criticized. That is indeed fanboy behavior. Notice how I do not go into threads and pick people just sharing their enthusiasm for the game and talking about things they're excited about? Because fuck yeah that's what discussion is for too I support that. Nah I specifically picked a post that was like "stop being so critical we all already heard this stop bringing the mood down". I cannot believe how such an OBVIOUS difference is not crystal clear. But sure buddy I was upset at people for being positive what a good takeaway displaying that the pokemon community is full of critically thinking people actually engaging with the arguments in a logical manner *eye roll* It's actually funny how perfectly this illustrates what I'm fed up with.