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"[Mod Edit: Removed links to Twitter linked to hate and harassment]"

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GamingThread Death Stranding is being review bombed on Metacritic
Reason User Banned (permanent): troll account
why are you a liar, man? why don't you explain the truth? The mod was a great developer on Tequila Works, yes, was, because he lost his job. Sony playstation and vandal (spanish web about videogames) are doing a conference with 5 persons, they are all man. they are great's man in videogames industry in spain. a one woman doesn't like this and she tweeted about this. she said "no one is a woman in this conference, this is not good". a lot of people wrote about this and this mod got angry with this woman becasue he knows her and said "this woman is a toxic woman in or insdustry and you are banned for me. sony playstation and vandal changed mod for a woman and they added other woman. man or woman is not important, talent and career are importants. but you know, be man is bad now twitter mod -> she deleted her tweets