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GamingThread Red Dead Redemption II PC performance thread
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Thread Derailment; Account in Junior Phase
i dont think so - Rockstar was one of the few Third Party Devs this Gen who actually fucking used the PS4s Low Level API GNM. They did heavy optimisation for the Consoles and now you just claim that all their manpower and talents just go and deliver a subpar PC Port , because .. yeah actually because what? This numbers up there show indeed that Consoles have an Edge over similar PC hardware if their low level APis get respected! So somebody needs to bench thatz Game with an Phenom 2 (older but still faster CPU than Jaguar) and a HD 7850. (this card on PC is 200Mhz faster then the PS4s version) Then we need Bench that trys to find out what System is needed to match the Xbox One X Version of this Game.