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GamingThread Hilde announced for Soul Calibur 6
Reason User banned (permanent): Sexist trolling. Account in junior phase.
well, this might surprise you, and hold on to your seat okay cause this is a doozy. She was born a female and around the age of twelve or so she developed these things we call Breasts and Some women grow these in all various sizes Hilda's, for example, grew fairly large so the blacksmiths had to make armor that is both durable and supportive like the bras today's women wear at first they made one not shapely but she complained to the blacksmiths that it was a tad difficult moving her arms to properly swing her weapon in combat so the blacksmith decided to model her armor similar to some of her finest gowns that she wears to social gatherings but they kept in mind that this is still armor! they cant have her bosoms out on display on the battlefield that would be a very poor choice in design then they noticed something else, they're fictional characters!