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GamingThread Blizzard’s Actionless Non-Apology Is Complete Bullshit
Reason User Banned (1 week): Inflammatory point of comparison, rude behavior towards another member
Here I changed some words here and there to show how out of touch this sounds... This whole situation is a giant mess. Folks here in America and on the ground in Germany just want to preserve democracy. I am sure there are plenty of Ford Motor Company employees, even leadership that feel the same. However, when you are a multinational corporation that does business in dozens of countries that span the geopolitical divide, having a fixed ideology is borderline impossible. I mean, unless you are willing to close yourself off from markets in socially volatile nations. After last year's ceremony in which Henry Ford accepted the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the Nazi regime's highest honor for foreigners, I doubt Ford Motor Company executives wanted to jeopardize their reputation and finances further. Separated from empathy, which you, unfortunately, are subject to when you employ thousands of folks globally, this is a lose-lose situation. If I were an executive at Ford Motor Company when all this went down, I would probably have to step down. I support the Jewish people and people who are categorized as minorities around the world who want democracy and their human rights respected, but I don't know that I could cope with being a company liability for it. I feel the cause is noble, but the pursuit could cost people their livelihoods and countless millions of dollars. It's why I generally prefer political discourse about such confrontational topics to be left out of non-government arenas, particularly those shared by a global audience. Though I do understand that as we become more globally linked through the radio and distribution of media, the clashing will only grow. I don't think companies can sustain the act of hiding behind scripted apologies like this either.