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"We're getting heavily played."

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EtcetEraThread Watchmen |OT| HBO Lost Moore's Leftovers
Reason User warned: hostility
listen, it's sunday so i'll play nice here. i'll give you one chance to sit the fuck down, and stop embarassing yourself. next post, i'll just line up the countless quotes that can be found THROUGHOUT the entire novel of how the world around him sees him and the very apparent mental problems he suffers from. you decide how you want to play this. he's litterally begging jon to kill him, try pondering why the fuck that is donk. “It just became obvious; we realized that this was a character if ever there was a character that had a king-sized death wish. He was in pain, psychological pain, every moment of his life, and he wanted out of it, but with honor — in whatever his own twisted standards of honor might have been.” you are clearly to dumb to be in a discussion about anything more advanced than a harlequin novel.