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EtcetEraThread US carriers kill Google's RCS messaging initiative
Reason User Warned: Antagonizing another member.
Nah you got busted making up shit mate. Your fabricated article title is garbage. Look at how this is reported everywhere: And it doesn't matter if their app is only compatible with the standard instead of 100% because the carriers are not blocking RCS to begin with. You will be able to continue to keep using your Google RCS app as if nothing happened before during and after they launch their app. Yet you reported this as the death of RCS. They can monetize their own personal carrier app all they want. As long as the normal Google Play Messaging App continues supporting the full standard and functions, who the hell cares except for the imaginary people that actually use carrier apps. This is like saying Netflix is dead because Verizon launched a video app that no one will use. Stop it slime.