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Gaming HangoutsThread Xenoblade 2 |OT2| THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME!? DON'T FORGET ME!
Red Text An OT is meant to cover a wide variety of topics: level design, music, combat, battle system, story, voice acting, framerate, etc. This is not possible when one subject overwhelms all others. While it’s okay to mention your thoughts on the controversial character designs of the Blades, this is not the place to have at-length discussions on that one single subject. If that is all you want to discuss, there are existing threads where that discussion has been happening for a long time (for example:
Yasunori Mitsuda, ACE, Kenji Hiramatsu, Manami Kyiota 200-Hour-Eraser [NSFW] x Awesome Music Player NoneNo Yes Yes? No?No No13978.57 MBEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish (PAL/NA) | Japanese, (trad.+simpl.) Chinese (JP): No, split into Japanese SKU (HAC-ADEN) and Western (PAL+NA) SKU (HAC-ADEN)| | Japanese VO (817MB, free) | Expansion Pass (see below for pricing & content info) | : The world of Alrest lies in the Cloud Sea, with people living on living Titans eternally circling the World Tree. But the Titans are dying and the inhabitants living on them are beginning to fight over territory in order to ensure their own survival. Enter Rex, a young lad getting by salvaging artifacts and ancient tech from below the Cloud Sea. This is how he meets Pyra, a special Blade called the Aegis. Blades are physical representations of weapons, they form bond with their Driver which enhances their combined power. Rex becomes Pyra's Driver and as she dreams of going to the fabled paradise of Elysium, where there might just be a solution to the problem of enough room for everybody, Rex decides to help her get there and possibly save the people of Alrest. And then, Takahashi happens. You know the drill. :) One thing upfront: The intricacies of the combat system are carefully taught to you throughout the game, you don't have to know or master everything at once. You'll not be overwhelmed.Combat happens in various layers of charging up the numerous types of Arts: I based this write-up mostly on NOE's very elaborate rundown from gamescom. Further battle breakdowns from NOA's Treehouse Log. Here's a () from GameXplain. There are two types: Common and Rare Rare Blades are what you want to hunt for, as they can be heavily upgraded and customized. The way you customize a Blade can greatly influence its Drivers attributes which in turn might affect how their gameplay role is classified (Tank, Healer, Attacker). The way you combine Blades heavily plays into this. There is a lot to play around with.Blades also have various field skills that let you access new areas or affect NPC conversations. With every Blade (Common and Rare) comes an Affinity Chart. Unlike previous games, Affinity Charts don't exist between the Drivers but between the Drives and their Blades. These again tie into sidequests and Heart-to-Heart events (which are all voiced this time!).Towns can again be expanded/developed further by doing numerous things such as buying stuff or doing Mercenary Missions, both of which feed back into each other, enabling you to support the economy and grow the town. There are many many more nuances, some of which are covered really well . No. As usual, the games are entirely standalone with some thematic connections and nods hidden throughout that appreciate but first-timers will not be expected to bring any prior knowledge into this. More the former than the latter but the spaces you explore are larger. This one is plot-focused and has a clear structure that it is built around, unlike X. Exploration, huge jaw droppingly gorgeous areas, deep combat, incredible music, lots of customization and systems to dig into, LONG, story that usually goes places, LONG, Nopon, big focus on convenience, easy to pick up and get back in despite outward complexity. LONG. Xenoblade. Xenoblade-combat is very easy to get into but always looks super intimidating or boring from afar. It's very easy to pick up and just vibe along, see what happens. None of this. No lootboxmicrotransactionbullshitgtfo in this. You can influence what type of Blade you get from crystals. There'll for sure be a guide soon which I will link here. Read the Combat section of the OP. Lots of guides in there by your fellow Era members. Have you seen some of these ... stfu. No, the only visual customization comes from the different Blades you equip (some characters change their appearance/outfit based on story progression but nothing you can control) As usual, when you die in battle or by the power of your own clumsiness, you just respawn at the nearest landmark without any penalties. The way sidequests and XP work has been adapted by funneling sidequest XP into a sort of XP-bank that you can tap into by going to an inn. This means, you can't easily overlevel yourself and just "withdraw" some of that saved up XP should you find yourself in need of some higher level party action. Yes, actually! The audio options for Xenoblade 2 have been greatly expanded! You can change cutscene audio levels separately, for example. Something that X sorely needed. You have volume options for cutscene voices, game background music, game sound effects, game voices, battle narration, environment volume, & system volume. Will be added as part of an update (for all players, with or without Expansion Pass) in January 2018. It'll let you bond with certain Blades and more. It'll for sure get delayed, just you wait! Any second now. No, please go away. I'm yelling at you right now. X Gon' Give it to Ya *stomach grumbles*Expansion Pass Launch Day Content: January 19 update (V1.2.0)by collecting various quotes from Takahashi about game design related to Xenoblade 2