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EtcetEraThread Pray for Chile. President Piñera says we are at war (against his own people) (Update: 3 deaths, see threadmarks)
Reason User warned: inflammatory commentary
Please don´t believe all the commie propaganda you see in here. I was attacked last night while I was defending my own warehouse, I am not a rich opressor, just a regular guy that did not want to lose everything. The ones attacking me were clearly not doing some movement trying to defend the interests of me or of my fellow chileans, they were just trying to benefit themselves by damaging and stealing from others. I hope the public forces restore calm and peace, tonight me and my dad will have to defend again my own things, who knows what will happen. The only good thing today, in Ñuñoa there was a peacefull manifestation, finally the meaning of all this has not been lost in just being a delinquent, which has taken the spotlight right now.