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GamingThread PCs will actually hold consoles back next gen on the CPU side for a while
Reason User Warned: platform wars
Sorry OP for your sustained exposure to the sophisticated sarcasm of the master race; they may lack social grace but they do get great benchmarking scores. You are of course absolutely wrong particularly in regard to the high end and upper mid machines that over privileged era users take for granted. I myself still rock a 980ti which I carefully selected back in the day in anticipation of what I would likely need for PS4-era gaming and it still gives very good service. I haven’t needed to upgrade since and won’t until I have made a similar determination with PS5. So it’s a simple obvious fact that new consoles are a catalyst for raising the mean spec bar even for average pc gamers like myself. None of which will challenge the top or mid top Pc market. Still on a crude level I’m far more excited about the potential of next gen consoles than I was the last. Native 4K with ray tracing and standard SSD and hopefully VRR? That a damn good proposition especially against a background of hideous component inflation and diminishing performance in the pc market.