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GamingThread Digital Foundry: [4K] Star Citizen: A Next-Gen Experience In The Making... And You Can Play-Test It Now
Reason User Banned (1 week): Accusing journalists of being shills
Yeah, this. The video, from a journalistic standpoint, is simply irresponsible. You're not adequately informing your viewers who don't already know about the development issues. Also, "play-testing" doesn't imply that you have to pay for it, which you do. In fact, playtesting is normally a job you get paid for. DF has done videos on upcoming games before but I feel like this one crosses a line. It feels like a shill. I understand it was borne out of enthusiasm more than anything else, but that doesn't mean you can abdicate responsibility. A fanboy made this video and it's obvious. It needed an editor.