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EtcetEraThread Catalan separatist leaders given lengthy prison sentences
Reason User Warned: inappropriate commentary, please don't use 'retards' as a pejorative term
The thing is, while numbers vary it's mostly proven that less than 50% of the catalan population want independence while 80% aprox want to vote, for example to say NO, like me. A referendum 10 years ago would've solved the problem long term, but the politicians (local AND central) don't want to solve the issue, it's just such a juicy topic to deviate the public attention anytime they screw up that it's a goldmine for them.Well, we have to accept that it's a very heterogenous movement and not everyone wants the independence for the same reason. Just as we can't infer most spanish people are fascists because on the 12th of October there were retards singing Cara el sol, doing the nazi salute, wearing svastiskas and threatening any non hetero-white-right-wing person we can't infer all the independence movement is based on hate and ignorance.