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EtcetEraThread Turkey claims it has killed 342 Kurds in the past 3 days
Reason User banned (1 week): doubling down on off-topic derailing, inflammatory whataboutism, community generalizations
I hope the Kurdish people are saved. Unlike all the white people on here, I actually have grown up among Kurdish people my whole life. Their cause as been mine, before most people here even knew what a Kurd here is. But I enjoy white people telling Muslims how to feel about other Muslims. Its funny. What I can't abide is the pretend concern that just seems like racism. I wonder if the Kurds were being killed by India how many people woud care? A tiny fraction. Yeah, a tiny amount threads with absolutely no traction were created here. Comparing that to white outrage over Kurds is so dishonest. But when Muslims are killed by other Muslims, then the white world is up in arms? Lol, okay. That goes mostly for the media, and Era to a lesser extent. If you look at the absolutely tiny coverage Kashmir as gotten, that is apparent. The western does not care about Kashmir. Ignores it. Completely ignores the Israel and Indias support of the Rohingya genocide. But pretends to care only when its inter Muslims conflicts. Racist as hell. Similar to Kashogi. Muslim journalists are killed in Kashmir and Palestine all the time. If Kashogi was killed in Kashmir no one here would even know his name. Thats a fact.