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GamingThread EuroCosplay ban League of Legends Cosplayer for alleged "blackface"
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Excusing blackface.
Are people really taking the effort of looking at that costume and deliberately misrepresenting why she did it? The purpose of cosplay is to portray a character. There are several layers of cosplay from putting on the most recognizable features of a character to accurately portraying a character down to the last detail. This cosplayer did the latter, which takes a lot of dedication and effort. By the general sentiment around this it looks like you can only portray characters that look like you. Because if you portray someone like the cosplayer in the OP you get accused if blackface. Had she done the character with white skin she would be accused of whitewashing the character. Furthermore since it was for a competition it would have greatly reduced her chances for winning because it would have been labeled as a low quality effort. I think people need to consider context and most importantly understand the intent of the action that was done here.