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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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GamingThread "The industry is looking at Sony to see what's next for the console business. At the moment, Xbox is the one providing all the answers"
Reason User Banned (1 week): system warring over a series of posts
I won't be commenting on elements I have covered in other posts. You can see the reply to psvr and remotelyplay elsewhere. Dual Analog: Dual directional inputs were I believe first used by the virtual boy. (I think technically you could have used them on the snes, but that makes my point even more.) It had a pair of d-pads. one for movement, one for the camera. The N64 was designed in such a way that the analog stick could be used to aim or to move and you would still have another directional input. hence the three prongs and the Dpad, analog and C buttons. It's a bit rich to give sony credit for dual analogs when they launched a system without dual directional inputs of any kind, nor analogs and only put those in as one of their numerous rereleased controllers to compete with what nintendo had at launch. It's like nintendo inventing peanut butter, jelly, sandwiches and as they are explaining how to combine all three, sony smashes them together and you say they created the PB&J. If sony gets credit for that final logical step, it is only possible because nintendo invented every element of it and brought them together and pointed out the necessity for such an option which sony had previously ignored. Shareplay is a neat accessability feature. No shade there. Pity they paywalled it (MUCH shade there) And I did not forget that the ps2 had braodband. But they didn't do anything especially useful with it. They had barebones online that put all the onus on the individual developers and caused online play to wary wildy in quality. Want to play Ratchet? Make a profile. Want to play killzone? Make another profile. Want to play SOCOM? Make yet another bloody profile. Want to talk to any of the people who you met playing any of these games and play other games with them? Hope you can find them on AIM or MSN messenger. Microsoft killed all that hassle in one fell swoop. Sony took what sega had done and largely tried to duplicate it. Microsoft did something new. Hence innovation. PSnow is just sony's rebrand of Gaikai. A technology they did not invent, but bought after it was already established. It's like giving microsoft credit for inventing the fallout franchise just because they currently employ the people who made it. See the lengths you have to go to here? See how other platforms don't need to make such stretches? I'm not saying sony is bad, or that you are dumb for liking them. I'm pointing out an area where they have lagged behind their competition. Microsoft has struggled with console build quality. Nintendo is reluctant to do anything online except sell things. Sony is not the most innovative company in the industry. Which is germane to this original post - specifically the OP was suggesting that is would somehow hurt sony going forward and I was pointing out that I felt it would not because it never had before. I swear, only on resetera could I say 'Op is wrong, sony is not doomed' and be attacked for being insufficiently pro sony. (which is more a general statement than one directed at you, since you've been more respectful than most. Still, funny.)