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GamingThread Blizzard has removed Hong Kong Hearthstone player blitzchung from Hearthstone Grand Masters and rescinded all his prize money
Reason User Banned (permanent): troll account
I'm a little afraid to get involved, but I feel like I need to say something. Where does a situation like this even end? Like this is getting more than just disgusting, its crossing a line into the legitimately frightening territory at this point, I'll keep the (SUPER CRAZY) radical stuff to myself. Since literally no one is on board with that in this day to begin with, and I'm a clumsy bumbling idiot outside of my comfort zone. I will say I think people are actually blowing that Winnie the Pooh stuff out of proportion, as someone who is similarly hated in certain circles, (Though in my case, its for very stupid reasons for the most part). Taken at face value, comparing the leader of China to that bear IS very childish, I mean what? You can't come up with a more clever way to do it? Thats also similarly subtle? It seems like its wasting everyone's time to keep referencing it. Most things in life are two way streets though. Its disingenuous to imply they don't potentially have legitimate reasons to ban Winnie the Pooh. If I was leader of a country, I would personally ban the game Fortnite, since its weirdly popular despite doing very little right, and most people don't improve from playing games like that. (They tend to have skill Plateaus from what I've seen). I'm not gonna harp further on something that potentially gave some people some solace. Yes Blizzard is a business, but what IS the right answer here? To seem demonstrably psychotic? They DON'T have a leg to stand on here, this is a risk you run when you do business with a country like that. I don't understand why people do business with China at all to be honest. Regardless, they already signed up for this ride a while ago, and judging from people's reactions, this won't be forgotten to quickly. Was this also the same company that fired everyone for doing too GOOD a job? I seriously don't know. If it is, we really shouldn't be ignoring them. We SHOULD be making sure they don't have the potential to harm anyone else, because the sky is the limit at that point. Its not like they are the only such industry in America either. Americans have relatively easy ways of fixing things, yet no one is taking any initiatives. You'd think somebody would take a shoot at it. Theres certainly ways this could blow up further! You people have VERY shallow perceptions on the precedents that are potentially being set here! (potentially leaving a LOT of people dead, depending on how far certain entities want to take this) I dare not speak those things, because I don't need to give people in power any more ideas. To be fair, Its completely possible this is just a sign, and NOT a CAUSE, of things to come. I'm not so arrogant to think this wasn't brewing for a while. I redacted certain things, because I don't need police showing up here over something I'm completely incapable of starting.