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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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GamingThread Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Reviews thread
Reason User Warned: Hostility
I'm a Destiny fan boy and I can admit that, when a game keeps over delivering on content in just 5 days compared to what they did in a 2 year stretch in the first's hard not to. I apologize for confusing you with every other troll that hates this game yet can't help themselves to come into every destiny thread to make it all about them. I'm very very sorry. You just....all sound the same/look the same to me. With that said, the current Destiny (and has been since forsaken) is much better than any iteration of the Destiny you fell in love with in the past so it boggles my mind how you can spend so much time on this forum complaining about it, with out giving it a shot. Is it a money issue? Do I need to gift you this game and save the community the headache you cause in every thread for a game you no longer play. Because you're going to play it and just fall in love with it again. I mean you just played PvP 6 hours ago? You're whole problem seems to stem from PvP? You played 15 matches over the course of the last year. Why don't you just do the shadowkeep stuff and enjoy yourself a little bit.