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EtcetEraThread Botham Jean's brother embraces Amber Guyger after she was sentenced 10 years for the murder of his brother
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Downplaying Racism
A lot of people do weird shit when in shock. I think had the 911 operator told her to give first aid she’d have tried more than holding his hand and talking to him. If she feels she made a mistake, I’m not sure what she can do beyond what the apologizing she has already done. I haven’t seen anything besides stupid social media stuff to show she’s a hateful racist murderer, but this is Resetera. All I can say is I’m glad the people who post such hate in threads like these are mostly inconsequential in the real world. By that I just mean, not in a position to actually influence the lives of others with their hatred. As for being deserving of the care and affection she was shown, well that’s not really for you or I to decide, that was up to his brother and we can’t say he made a wrong decision for himself. Speaking of being a selfish piece of shit, I think it’s pretty selfish to think your own feelings and opinions outweigh or are more valid than someone actually involved in the situation and trying to overcome it. And that’s the fact of the matter whether he walked up and gave her a hug or spit in her face. Whatever helps him is not for me to criticize.