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"Engaging the Doxx9001 as we speak."

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GamingThread Heartbeat devs double down on transphobia by mocking Trans suicides with a 41% off "sale"
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Excusing transphobia and inappropriate speculation
Pretty seems like basically she’s had encounters with preop TS women presenting themselves as lesbians, who then created a narrative of themselves being the poor bullied creature in order to get sex. She was sexually assaulted, but Instead of putting the blame on the aggressors themselves, wraps it around the entire community and then looks for justifications to do that. She does seem like a reasonable person though, so pointing to the proper problems in her logic could probably help bring her back to reason a lot faster. As for how she got there, it’s basic behavior in mankind unfortunately. “I met a person from minority A and it didn’t go well so now I think minority A as a whole should crash and burn as a whole” That’s shit you hear all the time. Ecology? Let’s save the planet; yeah! Plastic is a big problem! Overfishing is a big problem! And two months later, debate on public TV: “plastic is much more urgent that overfishing, these other people are frauds” vs “overfishing is killing industries while plastic at least keeps some workers in the loop!” In both cases, you’re just enhancing dissensions and thus harming ecology as a whole. Instead of defining a clear target and a clear strategy, fringe groups start questioning details before big strides can be made and start to become a norm. That’s been destroying liberal fields for decades. We have time to discuss details afterwards; why not just focus on the elephant in the room, get that to be the new norm, and start discussing details from there on? Any other way to proceed is basically a straight highway back to the Bible Belt.