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EtcetEraThread China celebrates 70 years of Communist Party Rule
Reason User banned (1 week): peddling conspiracy theories about credible allegations of human rights abuses
People really believe this shit? Really? A single source news from a organization that funded by Australia which clear has geopolitical interest in the pacific region? I'm not fucking denying there is ethnic cleansing there. I don't have any problem with the two other news which realistic and sounds with what they usually done there. But organ harvesting? Really now? this shows how western media gobbled up news even as ridiculous as this is mind boggingly infuriating. Does people forget the news about Kim Jong-Un executed his general with bazooka and that turned out to be fake? Don't people learn from Iraq War about Saddam Hussein 'reported and verified' ownership of chemical WMD? And people wonder why Iraq War happened in the first place, and how the subsequent uncritical view of the Middle East and Islam leads to thriving Islamophobia today. I know because I grow up with those shits as I surfed the web in the late 2010's. Of course the logical conclusion of this will be the same: it leads to Yellow Peril and normalization of hatred toward China, and you all will wonder in the aftermath of Third World War when it happened.