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EtcetEraThread Euronews: 'France doesn't want us' — Europeans who joined ISIS face Iraqi justice
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Advocating for the death of children
Let go of kids and babies, sounds like Hitlerjugend, so fuck that. They will always feel the need to avenge their parents, so there is not really hope of them being normal. Sadly your parents just made a choices for you, which does not do you any favors. Many innocent kids/babies was killed because of your parents idiocy. And now I should feel sorry for you? Just because you were European, no. So now is your turn. Zero tolerance, kill them all, wipe this shit of the planet earth. And possibly religion with it*, I don't like fairy tales which does kill people. And yes, life is unfair, deal with it. *I don't care if "they are really not the Muslims" who the fuck cares, they acted by their version of fairy tale, probably written by a 600 A.D. rapist and masochist, so what. Why religion always get the special treatment, as it´s something which excuses your behavior. An no this is not targeted to Muslims specifically, but people of all religions. You gonna die some day and that's going to be nothing and you would not even care, deal with it.