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GamingThread What is this garbage design doing in my Atelier game?
Reason User warned: Repeatedly gatekeeping and antagonizing another member over a series of posts
1) So are you updating the OP with the other screenshots showing it's actually not that bad? Those pictures seem to come from a random twitter account, but the actual ingame screenshots are really not similar. 2) So you bought just the Arland games, is that right? Not the Mysterious trilogy, the Dusk ones (that are getting a remake too in January, so everyone is happy)...? No PS2 games? 3) You buying some games doesn't change the fact that those games have been selling less and less. Ryza getting a sales boost doesn't mean that characters will always get those designs. 4) Again, if you played Atelier for more than the Arland games, you know that each story arc has a different designer. This is a new one just like the Arland one (that felt like the girls were way too young for many people) was different from the Dusk one. Designs are pretty varied and change often, you should check them. edit:Seems similar to most in the series tbh. Nelke has all the protagonists of the franchise, and look at their designs: