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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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EtcetEraThread As an anime fan, its unsettling/disturbing how many people defend lolicon
Reason User banned (duration pending): excusing the sexualized depictions of minors
Kinks like rape and incest role play, as well as age play, are often used by consenting adults to process and move beyond real abuse they have suffered. I am someone who has absolutely used kink to process and work through trauma I have suffered in this way. So I'm deeply opposed to kink-shaming, and anyone criticizing consenting adults for whatever fantasies they choose to involve themselves with sexually. Now, I don't imagine anyone is using loli fetish anime to process trauma; but it's still fiction created by and for consenting adults. You look at rape or incest role play porn, I vibe you, and wonder if you happen to be a survivor of abuse. Regardless, I don't for a second fear that you're engaging with those acts in real life. But you look at videos of someone being sexually assaulted, and you're tacitly supporting the abuse of an unwilling victim, and need to be held accountable. That's how I feel about lolicon media. If no children are being harmed, I've got no beef with consenting adults. Ugh, I know this is a super unpopular opinion here, but opposing kink-shaming is something I'm passionate about, because I've seen the harm it can do, and the good that can come from damaged people indulging in kinks that many would consider repugnant.