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EtcetEraThread USSR invaded Poland in September 1939? WRONG - says Russian ambassy...
Reason User Banned (duration pending): inflammatory historical revisionism over multiple posts
Because access to non USA propaganda histories are easier to get ahold of. Lots of previous sealed war documents are now in the public domain that show that USA and western countries were not the GOD sent saviors of the world they have painted themselves to be. Let be clear- Russia did alot of terrible things- there is no excusing their invasions, gulags, and massacres. But Russia went from pre WWI when it was an economic partner to Britain and the USA (helping with west imperialist holdings), to suffering civil war during WWI. People ignore that Britain sent troops into Russia to help the losers. Stalin did reach out to West prior to joining the Nazis- but were ignored and rebuffed. The joining with Hitler was to give Russia time to rebuild it military to defend themselves. Russia had no western allies- Churchhill was happy to let them fight. People who paint Russia joining the Nazis as evil completely ignore that Britain and the USA were fine with letting Russia get beat by Hitler. Again, I don't condone what Russia did during that time, but it did not have to happen if the west would have stood with their one time allies instead of letting them face Hitler alone. Even after they joined the Allies, and Lend Lease, the deals were always tailored to benefit Britain troops over Russian troops. Stalin's mass mobilization of the Russian war machine (with the aid of USA money) was what dealt the crippling blow to to Germany- the Eastern front decimated the Nazi army though sheer brute force. After the European part of the war ended, The USA already started to change the deals it made with Russia. Again, the Russian did word the treated to give them wiggle room, but so did the USA, Britain, and France. The USA was able to lock up most of Europe into the Marshall plan, which locked USSR out of European trade block- which the war ravaged USSR desperately needed access to cash markets. It is typical Western capitalism- use resources of nations, then fuck the people there economically. The bombing of Japan was completely unnecessary- there is plenty of evidence that Japan was willing to negotiate an end to the war, the USA ignored them. The bombing was done to send a message to Russia. WE killed all those people just to make a point. If you go back into history after WWI- the again the western nations locked Japan out of the power block, leading to Japan attacking in WWII. The war is allot more nuanced then taught in the USA. Hitler is still terrible- but could have been avoid if the sanctions after WWI didn't drive German economy into the gutter giving him desperate population to control. The Russian Revolution needed to happen- life under the Czar system was terrible- but the west should not have interfered- setting up resentment with the new government. The USA only joined WWII for economic reasons- not because we were liberating anyone. USA denied Jewish refugees and sent them back to die. The USA win in WWII set up the USA's global dominance and reliance on wars to keep our economy running. And Churchhill is a piece of shit. Like Stalin, he had his moment of "heroism", but allot of his action during his career supported the imperialism and colonialism system that contributed to WWI and WWII. Look at Vietnam, Korea, the Middle East, Central and South America- look at what the USA has done to them for "freedom" and capitalism, it is really is no wonder why people look towards socialism. A good portion of western Europe has socialist systems that work along side capitalism. But here in the USA- the Red Scare and Communism still blind us to better forms of government.