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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread Nintendo files multimillion-dollar lawsuit against ROM website, RomUniverse
Reason User Banned (7 days): Justifying piracy, history of severe infractions
That’s sweet. I played earthbound for the first time on an emulator in 2006. I also have a physical copy that my sister purchased in 1999 that I played in 2010. I was also part of a 30+ member forum community of people who mostly played emulated games. We were all teenagers or in our early 20s, you think we had money to buy shit? So there’s roughly 20 people right there who pirated Earthbound. Here’s a hint, most people pirated Earthbound because most people weren’t going to pay $60 for Earthbound in 2003, let alone $50+ going forward. Also it’s been stupid expensive since like 2009. I’ve been following racketboy for long enough to remember their rarest SNES games list and while EB rated low on rarity, it still averaged about $100-$150 in 2009.