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GamingThread “I don’t think I like Prestige Games”
Reason User Banned (5 Days) - inflammatory point of comparison and hostility
Keep on digging that self-important ditch. You’re the equivalent of a video game community Trump where you’ve no flaws, no flaws ... and all you’re able to do is reflect are your own shortcomings as a human as you’re in able to empathise with others. “I’m the smartest guy in the room but nobody can see it” got old years ago. Throw in a few “I’m actually dying” or “I’m about to be made homeless” self-pitying whines along with whatever withering illness you've claimed to have since the early Kotaku years and this can be your next blog post: “I’m Doc, and Resetera is wrong about video games. Halo and Gears are the best in the space, and I’ve had a lot of time to play them as I’m close to living out of a box in the alleyway.” And who gives a shit about which mod said to David ducking Jaffe about your writing. Let it go. You’ve had a lot of constructive feedback and some fair discussion on your points in this thread and you’ve conceded exactly no points. You’re unable to see the value that others place in these “prestige games” as you label them because you’re unable to glean anything from them entertainment value wise because you are trying to view everything through the lens of an auteur, a critic one step above everyone else. Just accept that for every game you love, someone else will hate it. It’s ok to like different things - the difference is they’re not calling you an idiot for it.