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"[Mod Edit: Removed links to Twitter linked to hate and harassment]"

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EtcetEraThread Someone watches all Star Wars movies for first time, live tweets it, and then gets harassed because she likes them
Reason Inflammatory comment, Thread derail
Not trying to defend these fucking shit people at all, but maybe don’t live tweet your reactions and just enjoy the movies. Because Twitter is a cesspool of fucking wretches. People should expect this by now and not be concerned with it, or just not use the garbage. Especially when it involves “sensitive” (LMAO the fact that I thought that was the right word to use in this context is outstanding to myself) topics like these. Because nothing is going to change about the way it operates and hasn’t changed since it’s inception. Threads like this where it’s like “omg she got harassed on Twitter?!? The humanity!!” are fucking outrageous to me. Of course she fucking got harassed on Twitter. She’s a woman enjoying the Star Wars movies. It’s that simple. What do you think Twitter is? It’s a horrible place. No better than any other horribly moderated shit online community. It baffles me that anyone thinks any differently. She might as well have posted her reactions on 4chan.