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GamingThread Nintendo Direct Announced - 09.04.2019 @ 6PM EDT / 11PM BST
Reason User warned: inappropriate graphic commentary
You see this fictional character? I'm not afraid to admit that I've lost litres of cum to this character of mere fantasy. Isn't it funny how not even real girls arouse me like he does? I have killed millions of my offspring to the thought of having intercourse with a cartoon character. a character conceived by the mind of another man somewhere in the world. Who knows, maybe there was a scientist who could have cured cancer, the engineer who could have figured out the terraforming of Mars, or even the future president of the United States among the sperm that now lay on that tissue. Needless to say, I don't regret it. He's literal perfection. I can assure you that I will keep fantasizing about him and I won't stop anytime soon. Do you think that the fact that he's not real is a barrier to me? Hell no. With the help of ResetEra, I have trained lucid dreaming and astral projection to cross between the human world and the anime dimension and finally met him. We went to a McDonalds in my latest cross-dimension trip, sadly I had to wake and go to my minimum wage job. Right now I am working on my tulpa to bring him over to the human world. He might not be real to you, but he will be for me very soon.