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GamingThread Scott Benson details his history with Alec Holowka
Reason User banned (permanent): victim blaming, account in junior phase
I lost some respect for Scott after reading this. It seems like everyone knew about Alec and his mental illness but no one ever talked with him about it. It's even sadder because he talks about how one time Bethany made those twitter posts how she's done with Alec and he listened and got better etc. You would think, after that, they would talk with him more about it but it seems like they were again just silently suffering. They made a beautiful game about friendship and mental illneses, that friends should help each other but in real life they just didn't do much. This is just a huge fuck up on all sides. That "I survived Alec holowka" sounds really bad. He's successful thanks to Alec. He could have waited some more before badmouthing him. He died just a few days ago. Let his family mourn.