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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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GamingThread Reminder | DriveClub will be gone from PS Store on August 31st, 2019 Forever (update: now gone, they took it down early)
Reason User warned: hostility towards another member
Dude. There are WAY too many games to keep track of at once, and way more than one can buy. I can't ever tell when something is going to be good or not. Sometimes you'll spend a while trying different games and none of them quite grab you. That shit takes time for some of us. Plus, sometimes you wait to pick up a game that's totally different to something you've played before, because frankly, most people can't afford to just throw down $60 at launch for something they might not even like. Then, other things take their attention away and they lose track. Because again, there's TOO. FUCKING. MANY GAMES. "If you really cared." Dude, you're missing the point. I care, because I care, because I'd...ya know, NEVER PLAYED IT. How the fuck am I supposed to know whether I'll care about it. I've been wrong both ways way too many times. It's not because I don't "know my tastes." It's that I, and a lot of people like me, like experiencing new things. Some of those click, others take a little longer to click, and some never click at all. Like dude, hell sometimes people don't even know games exist, or in this case, hear everywhere that it's bad. I spend a lot of time on Era but all I ever heard was that it was a complete and utter shit show. Why would I investigate further? There are too many games to look into to see if they are a shit show 5 years later. Given that even when on "sale" recently it still cost me over $60 to grab the content for Driveclub, that's fucking expensive for me still. I'm sorry but I can't spend that much money on every game I be interested in. I don't know when I'll enjoy a game or not. I really fucking thought I'd enjoy Monster Hunter World, and guess what for the very first bit I did, but ultimately it had too many aspects that annoyed and stressed me out, so I dropped it. That was $60. Gone because well sorry but I prefer digital. But physical still wouldn't help a whole lot because my time is not constantly available consistently. Sorry, life exists. I will never have enough money to try the games I want. But what about say, Dark Souls? I never, ever would have thought I'd enjoy it, but it was FREE on xbox games with gold way back and I loved the hell out of it...eventually. That game was so incredible in changed my life, and I never would have even tried it. Because of that I've learned to be more open about what I try, but with that comes the fact that there are WAY. TOO. MANY. And at some point I've gotta prioritize based on how games look, what people say about them, gut feeling, and availability. Like, I'm sorry I don't have infinite money to try everything I want to at launch, and I'm sorry that I don't enjoy every game that I buy, but I've got to spend my money wisely, because yeah, . That's such a myopic fucking view. You can't look at this shit in a vacuum. Why the hell does this need to be explained to you? And I don't have people I can borrow games from, and rentals are far too expensive for me to figure out if I like them or not. Moreover, I'm supposed to fucking be able to enjoy games. Ya know, like, as a luxury. A pass time. All of ya'll would say "don't force yourself to play shit you don't want to play." Well yeah, so I don't. I play what I feel like playing. Guess what, as a human, that fucking changes. 6 months ago I was really deep into Destiny 2. I wouldn't have time nor would I have cared enough to enjoy Driveclub. Lately, I've been feeling racing games more, and I was going to do Forza 6 but I heard this was getting delisted and a lot of people lamented that saying it was a great game, so I tried it instead, and wow, it's great, despite everything I'd heard about it before recently. Similar happened with Gravity Rush. I loved the online aspect of Gravity Rush 2, but I'd been trying to do other things that also were going away, so I didn't have a ton of time with it, but the time I did have was wonderful. And I was only lucky enough to try those two because I have a PS4. Most people can't own every console so are physically unable to try some games financially. "You have no excuse" fuck OFF. Every purchase is a bet, no matter how many of my friends my like or dislike a game. I don't know a single person who I trust to recommend games who would have recommended Dust an Elysian Tale, and guess what, I fucking love that game. Everyone I know told me to try Gears of War 4, and while I loved the previous games, I really didn't like it at all and still haven't finished it. I never would have thought to play Viva Pinata but I adore it and it's like my favorite game ever. NieR I never would have played because I HAD NEVER HEARD OF IT despite being on GAF constantly. Like, sorry? But a random classmate mentioned it, and I tried it. Holy shit I still use its music to fall asleep. I am constantly on the hunt for games that will stir in me those magical feelings that I'll never get like them again ever. A lot of those of us who are huge fans of video games are that way. Like, fucking forgive us for being humans with lives and limited time and resources trying to find meaningful games that impact them and provide them with lasting memories when we get annoyed that a game we were interested in but couldn't try gets delisted. And don't fucking mock me with some "lol Driveclub is gonna give you lasting memories" why the fuck do you think you get to judge what people value and enjoy? Like seriously, I'm so fucking tired of this weird pseudo-idealistic, axiomatic, theoretical out of touch accusatory bullshit. Nothing works as neat and tidy as you act like it does. And what's worse, get the fuck out of here with that audacity to come in here and tell people off and fucking scold them like children because they didn't align with your myopic viewpoint. "ThAt's No ExCUse." Where the fuck do you get off talking to people like that? Especially when you haven't taken a single moment to consider the practical reality of this situation, and act as if everyone just has infinite attention. You have no fucking excuse for being such a prick. Seriously. Fuck. Off.