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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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GamingThread Destiny 2: Forsaken |OT4| Royal Whine
Reason User banned (2 days): Hostility towards other users.
Clowns like you are why companies keep bending people over, always willing to accept less and blame yourself for expecting more. Things are never the companies fault, we can never expect corporations to treat people better so just accept less for more money it's the only way. Fuck your false dilemma that we have to choose between having good games and having ethical companies. There is literally nothing you or I do that can fundamentally change crunch, because the cause of crunch is the manager who drops your contract because you went home after only working 50 hours that week. You and I do not make games release unfinished and early just to squeeze them into the right business quarter. And I don't use the employees as a shield to protect the companies bad practices from legitimate criticism, you and the business do. The facts of the matter is we have good cause to know D3 is in development and this joke of a season/'focus on D2' nonsense is just a way to squeeze a big more blood out of their customers while the bulk of bungies resources are elsewhere. We're not getting less because of crunch, we're getting less because bungie doesn't want to spend more.