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GamingThread Alec Holowka (Night in the Woods, TowerFall) accused of sexual assault [Update: Alec Holowka has reportedly passed away] [See staff posts/threadmarks]
Reason User Banned (duration pending): Inflammatory accusations; ignoring a staff post
Just seeing this on the first page made me feels sick. People of Resetera have played their part in this tragedy. Whether the allegations were real or not, this mob culture has to stop. Anyone could be accused of wrongdoing and find their life destroyed, regardless of truth. That could easily be you or a loved one. And places like this site and Twitter perpetuate that. Victims should be believed but public lynching and life destroying is taking it too far. You are not the judge, jury and executioner. Is it right that someone’s life can be destroyed by an allegation? No, it’s not. And with that (likely going to be banned for speaking my mind anyway), I think I’m done with gaming forums, especially this one.