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EtcetEraThread Hollywood Reporter: Dave Chappelle Slams Michael Jackson Accusers and "Cancel Culture" in Netflix Special
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Rationalizing Transphobia
Im amazed they didn't bundle this with his last 2 specials. I felt this was the perfect end to what those last two started on. Outrage culture, #meetoo and other topics. This special is the hembodiment of what he started those specials on that comedy should be a place for "reckless talk" unbound to moderation as long as it gets a laugh. And the crowd was laughing. IMO it wasn't as funny as any of his other specials nor did he say a lot new but I was entertained. It reminds me a lot of Aziz's last special which I found to be just Aziz trying a Bird Revelation approach but he isn't as good at crowd work as Chappelle and apart from an interesting directing type by Spike Jonze and there conveniently being a child in the front row for Aziz to riff on. He didn't have many jokes. As for Chappelle, his reckless talk approach is what is getting him in trouble. He knows he's wrong. Seriously. He says not to watch Leaving Neverland because "it's gross" not because it's wrong but just because it is ruining one of his idols. It's no different than his superhero bit of "He rapes but he saves" to illustrate his relationship with Billl Cosby. Sadly, he isn't ready to accept Jackson's fall. He looked up to him more than Cosby. He loves Prince and Jackson. Yet, the Jackson and Transgender approach isn't anything new from me. I know a shit ton of black people with his ideology. If you're part of my parents generation or older, transgenerism and genderfluidity is fucking weird to them. I get it. But I'm also a twenty-five years old dude. Transgenderism hasn't really been part of the mainstream until 2010-2013 area. Up until then, Man In A Dress or Women Being Man was a comedic set up from Tyler Perry's Madea, Big Mama's House or Motocrosssed. And those were all 2000 films. Dave has lived 86% of his life with that topic being a sure way to get laughs. I'm not saying he should get a pass. But, if you think he's going to switch his view overnight, I wouldn't bet on that. Either one of his kids is going to have to transition or a slow burn will have to occur. For me to see him flip his position on that. But while he is punching down, he isn't advocating for a stagnation in progress. He just finds it funny to him. It's reckless talk. And while I don't agree with 100% of what he says.( The car analogy for one. And the idea that you can't offend the alphabet people being a staple of Hollywood) I'm okay with him having his reckless talk because at the end of the day, he's a comedian. Not to downplay celebrity influence, but some people have compared his talk to having as much weight as if a politician said it. But Dave's a comedian. Comedians don't influence shit. As Hasan Minhaj said At the height of Jon Stewart's show, Bush won twice. I'd be fine if this was his last special for a while. He's run out of steam on these topics. It didn't feel as intimate as Bird Revelation or as compact as the others. He just needs to step away now and make some more quality jokes. This felt like he was 90% whiffing it and improvising.