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EtcetEraThread Hollywood Reporter: Dave Chappelle Slams Michael Jackson Accusers and "Cancel Culture" in Netflix Special
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Dismissing Allegations of Sexual Abuse
I agree with Chappelle regarding the accusations of Dave Robson that were made agaisnt Michael Jackson in Leaving Neverland movie. Wade had his chance to tell the "truth" in 2005 when he was a 22-year old adult and went to court under oath and defended MJ. Wade took a decision to lie and not prevent a "predetor" from continuing with his predatory actions. Wade also pushed hard to direct a Cirque Du Soleil show about MJ in 2011 (Which means that he is still promoting MJ). So what is the benifit of changing his statement in 2013 4 years after the death of MJ? The "Predetor" is already dead and he can only get money from the case. Wade had his chance before and lied (If MJ really did that).