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"We're getting heavily played."

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EtcetEraThread Dave Chappelle Netflix Standup Trailer: Sticks & Stones (narrated by God)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Rationalising transphobia, account in junior phase.
I think people missed the point about the Chinese in a black body joke, or at least I interpreted it differently. He is not saying that they are the same thing, he is saying how the irony of life can still be funny even in a such a struggle. Today of course we sympathise with transgender people so much ( fucking finally) that we take this fact so high to the point of dehumanising it, and we are not capable of seeing as a human struggle. Hence the point of the Chinese man. He is trying to make you imagine this topic like if it we never heard it before,not saying it’s the same thing. He is trying to make a point that the irony of life it’s always around us. With that being said, like the whole show, he did not get deeper in and did not explain it well. I am not saying he has not been offensive in the past, he has, but this show joke was different. I watched it with friends, and I asked my transgender friend what she thought about it and she agreed with me, but I wrote to my other transgender friend and he (transgender man) did not agree and said that he thought that the joke had the interpretation you are giving. In the end the fault it’s entirely Chapelle’s, he explained fucking nothing in this show