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Gaming HangoutsThread Apex Legends |OT2| Got An Official Thread Here, Level 2
Reason User warned: lazy devs rhetoric
The 301 is still fine as is dear god man. The 99 needs a slight nerf. The longbow needs a slight nerf. Disruptors might need a micro nerf again. Do that and this game would be better off, but a few weapons need ever so slight buffs. I think the G7 could shooter every so slightly faster. Eva could do every so slightly more damage possibly. Same thing with Moz. I just don't understand why they are so damn lazy with legend and weapon balance. And don't tell me they aren't lazy man. They have buffed Bloodhound like three times and they still suck. Caustic sits here and is just a walking target. Nobody uses him for very good reasons. He's terrible. Pathfinder has fucked up audio, can grapple literally anywhere all the time, has a great hitbox, and is basically unstoppable for movement. How hard is it to keep these things in line like a normal dev team would? These guys are the slowest to balance anything I have seen in a long ass time. I think all legends should be able to climb slightly higher. Pathfinder is way too fucking in his own world with movement. Wraith and that tiny as hitbox is also ridiculous with very few things against her besides she can't grapple. It's time they actually started making this game better again.