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GamingThread THQ Nordic voted 'Best Games Company' of Gamescom 2019
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Backseat Moderation
I dont want to derail the thread, but banning their ability to express doesnt seem like a tenable solution. At worst the posts could be ignored and at best they could be engaged by other posters who can bring them back to topic. Era has a problem with allowing people to engage in discussion or regulate themselves, this limits the growth of the community and the dimensions of discussion and leading to understanding. Those posters could be trying to be funny(which should be allowed since not every topic needs to be 100% serious and discussed with zero humor) but they are also valuable comments in that they are speaking sarcastically about how the community risks becoming an echo chamber where everyone just finds something to be angry at and it becomes a competition to see who can get angrier. Posters should be made accountable for their posts, and this can be done by other members of the community instead of through mods swooping in and just banning that person altogether. We risk making bans into "punish this thing I dont like" rather than "this person is voicing genuinely harmful opinions with nothing to back them up and shouldn't be rewarded with a platform after refusing to engage in reasonable arguments that other people provided in response to that person" if we bypass that altogether and just ban the person, we shrink the community and any possible takes that those posters could've had once they got their jokes out of the way, or god forbid those snarky comments could've made people laugh which we need more of in this awful world. To return things back on topic: I think this whole situation strengthens the argument for game studio regulatory bodies. There should be a standard on where you can and cannot advertise in and there should be an accountability mechanism. Developers shouldn't just have fan pressure, they should be fined or have some sort of regulation to prevent dangerous people using gaming to spread their rhetoric. Game companies should be punished for boosting dangerous communities. They should show evidence of having done research before advertising or at the very least make substantial efforts to make up for their slip ups.